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Your Elder Plan Roadmap

Our first meeting, designed to allow us to get to know each other. You’ll want to share those things on your mind, and you’ll have questions you’d like to us to answer. We’ll have questions of our own as well. When our talk concludes, we’ll make a recommendation, and together we’ll decide whether we want to work together on your Elder Law Plan. If not, that’s OK If yes, we give you homework and move on to Step 2...

Prior to this call, you will have done your homework – which is necessary for us to review – so we can evaluate your asset situation. We will prepare a financial worksheet for your review and our discussion. During the “ARC,” we will discuss the worksheet and identify any outstanding documents still needed. Once we have formed the complete picture of your financial situation, we will schedule your Blueprint Meeting.

Now we can develop your Elder Care Plan and the best pathway to eligibility for benefits. At the Blueprint Meeting, we will review with you the available strategies, and together we’ll make decisions regarding your assets, including which assets are kept, liquidated (if necessary), and/or transferred as part of the plan. The goal is to create maximum protection while minimizing taxes. At the close of the meeting, we will provide you with a list of additional “call to action” items.

During this step, we will complete our “call to action” items. We will work together to obtain eligibility and collect the necessary verification items to disclose to Medicaid or the VA. Any necessary estate planning documents for the applicant are completed at this time. Once eligibility is obtained and confirmed, we will complete and file the necessary applications for benefits. We will then work with the caseworker directly on the path to approval.

Congratulations! You or your loved one has been APPROVED for benefits. At this meeting, we will review the Notice of Action provided by the VA, which provides you with responsibilities moving forward to maintain eligibility. We will answer any remaining questions you have and ensure you understand what is required to continue benefits. A healthy spouse will move on to the Blueprint 2.0 Meeting.