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Your Estate Planning Roadmap

Our first meeting, designed to allow us to get to know each other. You’ll want to share those things on your mind, and you’ll have questions you’d like us to answer. We’ll have questions of our own as well. When our talk concludes, we’ll make a recommendation, and together we’ll decide whether we want to work together on your Estate Plan. If not, that’s OK! If yes, we give you homework and move on to Step 2…

At the Blueprint Meeting, we’ll review your homework, answer any additional questions you have, and we’ll build the framework of your plan – including your will, trust, and all other documents – tailoring your plan to meet your goals and concerns. We’ll also discuss how your assets fit into the plan structure. You may invite other family members or advisors to participate in the Blueprint Meeting.
The first half of your fee is due.

Now it’s time for us to create your plan documents that reflect the conversations and decisions made at your Blueprint Meeting. At the R&S Meeting, we’ll review your documents with you, explaining them in a way you can understand. After our review, clients typically sign their documents and take them home that day! If there are changes or updates to be made, they are done at no charge.
The second half of your fee is due.

Clients with trust-based plans will participate in an initial “Funding Meeting,” during which we teach how to fund a trust. As part of this process, we prepare a Funding Worksheet that outlines ALL of your assets with directions on how to retitle them and/or update beneficiary designations to be consistent with your Blueprint and your overall estate plan. You can elect for us to prepare deeds for you for a fee. With the education, tips, tools, and samples we provide, most clients are comfortable handling the funding on their own, with our support and guidance in the background along the way. However, you may also choose to have us handle one or more items for a small charge. We will have a wrap-up meeting to close out this initial Funding phase.

This step is a key piece of the Probate Prevention and LTC Guard Plans and is included in the cost. It is available to any other client for a small charge. The Family Roundtable allows us to communicate and work directly with your family and advisors, explaining the plan, including roles, responsibilities, features, and anything else that comes up organically during the meeting. This meeting is typically held within the first few months after your R&S Meeting.