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Welcome to the HM Law Blog!  We’re excited to implement another way we will engage with and educate our community on all things Estate Planning and Elder Law.

We (Rachael and Mike) founded Houck Menninger Law, LLC with truly serving our community in mind.  Many look at our industry as “transactional” in nature.  But our firm is built in developing relationships with our clients.  The three key components of these relationships are: 1) compassion; 2) education; and 3) continued contact.

No doubt it is important to know the law. This allows us to work with our clients to implement proper planning strategies. But the impetus behind anyone engaging in meaningful planning is that they have people that they care about.  Our clients have taught us that the plan isn’t really about the client; it’s about the people the client cares about. Many of our discussions circle around important, sensitive, and sometimes difficult conversations related to family and other loved ones.  This means that planning needs to have heart, not just technique.

Education (including our blog!) – both for our attorneys and staff, and our clients – is vital to who we are.  We stay educated so that we offer proper planning techniques and opportunities to our clients.  In turn, passing that education onto our clients empowers them and their families to truly own their plans. It’s up to all of us, clients and advisors alike, to ensure that estate plans and elder law plans work, both at the time they are created and implemented, and as time goes on and laws and circumstances change.  Whether the plans involve the nursing home, asset protection, tax planning, or simply avoiding probate, we are committed to ensuring our clients know the plan they’ve created and how it works.

We also value regular and ongoing contact with our clients. We’re invested in the success of our clients’ plans, not just at the outset, but as time goes on as well. On the flip side, our clients need assurances that their plans will work as the laws and circumstances change around them, for better or worse.  That’s why encourage and facilitate meetings and connections with our clients. We want our clients to see us as a trusted advisor and reliable resource for them and their families through the years.  

So, thank you for checking in and joining us on this journey, if only for a short time.  If you want to know more about us personally, you can click on “Who We Are” above.  And remember, we never charge for a first meeting.  So, if you or someone you know have/has questions about wills, trusts, the nursing home, or anything else Estate or Elder Law Planning, Let’s Talk!

~ Rachael and Mike

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